Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ode to Winter

Soft, delicate crystals fall from an ancient sky,
gently claiming a spot nestled between other flakes.
A blanket of cold freezes the soft mud through
and the weakened sun reflects off the angled,
softened ice. The glistening ground moves
as the gusts pick up, hastily lifting a traveling
chain of sparkling specks. And sweeping them
across the barren plains, the flakes pile gently
upon striped and weathered bark; forming a
picturesque forest of white and brown. Slowly
shifting, moving, sweeping, the snow settles into
uneven piles and banks. Occasionally, an animal
smears the beauty with pawed stamps and mars
the crisp smoothness. Not a bird is heard, not a
creature stirs, only the whispering of swaying trees
and talking winds holds the attention of the Universe.
Calming and peaceful, winter inhabits the earth.

Why so much peace? Why so much silence? The beauty
such a season holds, captures a heart and soul; like the
brilliance that will shine from the Lord’s face upon the
day His kingdom will fully reign. It holds the breath-
taking resolution and invites one to lay its hands upon the
flawless surface and heart. The snow draws us near
to the pure white throne, no longer marred by sin and
animals. Invitingly, the branches pull one’s weeping
heart into a holy embrace. Winter restores the purity
and simplicity that loses meaning with time. It incites
a feeling of longing and holds the ultimate satisfaction.
It gives to whoever willingly receives its truth and
clings the willing recipient close.

Winter is more than a season; it is more than a sight.
It has feelings, longings, hopes, and dreams that it
longs to instill in each person’s heart. Upon the earth,
God has bestowed a gift; a direct representation of the
One who has reigned, is reigning, and will reign eternally.

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