Monday, November 16, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, why do I see,
Such ugly things staring back at me?

Why do I see an ugly body and unfit face?
Why do I feel such disgrace?

My reflection is not what I am meant to see,
But it just keeps staring right back at me.

Go away, go away!
The mirror is not the answer and it will lead me astray.

Instead, I must look inside,
The place where the Holy Spirit hides.

He is always fixing that reflection,
But according to the mirror, inner beauty has no dimension.

Cover up that glass
And say good-bye at last.

Then look inside,
That’s where the real beauty abides.

He made the heart first,
And He filled it with so much wonders that it might have burst.

The treasure is found within,
Where all desires, wants, and needs fill the golden tin.

The Sculpturer forms and shapes it bit by bit,
And makes all perfect things evenly fit.

Listen to His voice and give Him your heart,
So that He can make it a work of art.

The mirror is not the answer,
All it provides is self-degrading cancer.

But, the answer is found in He,
He who holds my heart with much glee.

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