Friday, November 13, 2009

Lord...What Path Will I Choose?

Lord, I see You now, but what about when the troubles of life set in?

Will my faith remain
or will it die from within?

Will the light of hope burn vigorously
or will it be snuffed out?

Will I rejoice when the trials come
or will I cry out in doubt?

Will I look elsewhere for encouragement
or will I come running to You for strength?

Will I stop to rest
or will I run the trial’s full length?

Will I hunger but find nothing
or will I find everything but not hunger?

Will I follow the right path
or will I become a helpless wonderer?

I know that You will be there for me but will I turn towards
or away from You?

Will me focus remain
or will it break in two?

Will I become so exhausted that I faint
or will I renew my strength while You hold me upright?

Will I go forth in victory
or will I give into my fright?

Will I turn to You for wisdom
or will I turn to myself?

Will I look for answers in Your Word
or will I let it sit on the shelf?

Will I be on my knees, praying for direction
or will I continue walking, relying on my own guidance?

Will I stubbornly stumble along the wrong path
or will I cop up to my own blindness?

Will I continue to love those around me
or will I look on them with hate?

Will I resist the evil temptations
or will I take the bait?

Will I cry out in joy
or in pain at what things there are to gain?

Will I forgive my enemies
or will I let my anger reign?

Will new roots of knowledge sprout
or will they die in a sudden drought?

Will the thought of You bring new life
or a painful cry of self-doubt?

Will I take hold of Your walking stick
or will I throw it aside?

Will I turn away from You
or to Your plan will I abide?

Will I look forward to the end
or will I long to begin again?

Will I guard my heart from worldly desires
or will I let it be blown away by the wind?

Lord, when those times come, help me to follow all Your ways,
Help me grow in my very little faith.
Help me to place in You my trust,
And not let my morals turn to dust.
When the evening of the day comes around,
Help my hope to become abound.
With a great leap, I will follow Your plan,
And I will let myself become apart of Your clan.
My love for You will shine from my face,
As I continue to experience Your wonderful grace.
Your hand will wipe my tears away,
And in Your presence I will long to stay.
For Your glory will fill me with awe,
So much so, the You will have to close my jaw.
As I stand before You now,
To my knees, I will surely bow.
And joy will fill my heart and I will praise You out loud,
While again I bow down.
So, Lord, with all that said and done,
I will come to You at a full run.
I will always look forward, never back,
And until I meet You, my pace will never slack!

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  1. Oh, that this too would be my hearts cry! Thank you dearest Hannah, it is beautiful! :)