Friday, November 26, 2010

Of Writing, Of God, Of Marriage

*takes deep breath* If some of you have been looking forward to another one of those long posts of mine, you definitely have one coming now. I thought about making this into two separate posts, but I think everything just connects so well that it might be better to tell it all together. Grab your cup of coffee and your laptop. . . this may or may not take a while.

First off, I am sure many of you are anxious to know how NaNo is going. Believe me, God has blessed me beyond measure with my writing abilities and my capacity for truly pouring heart and soul into every page, every word. I hit about eighty-thousand words in total, and then slowed down drastically, partly due to illness and partly due to some exciting offers and opportunities God has been handing me left and right. This past month as been no less than breath-taking to be sure when it comes to all He has given me.

Yet, in the midst of all He has given, He has taught. In the midst of all He has developed, He has also torn down. In the midst of glory, He humbled. I am sure most of you have noticed the new blog look, if you are reading this post right now. The new blog look comes with a change in mind, change in heart, change in purpose. The teen years are definitely years when the most growing and shaping can occur, if willing. Folks, I am going back to my roots, to who I am at heart. But, at the same time, I am seeking balance for some new ideas that have been cultivating themselves in my heart, within much unwillingness I might add as well.

On invitation of a good friend, I have decided to explain what I have meant in the past by saying that 'I do not want to get married.' I think I have a much better phrasing for that now: 'I do not plan on getting married.' However, do not jump ahead of me here, not yet. There is much to tell in this tale.

Years ago, on the day that marked the start of high school and the start of my journey as a Christian, I pledged to not accept or even ponder on the idea of dating or courting until I had solidly graduated from high school. Those four years turned out to be a lot easier than I would have thought. The people surrounding me within the public school system did little to encourage me at all in wanting to pursue relationships, often times pushing me away to the point that I became a rather hard person to even be able to deal with a lot of situations at the level that I needed to. Honestly, I wanted nothing to do with guys. I could get by in my own way, in my own timing, through my own methods. I was a strong girl; I never reacted emotionally to situations (still do not); I never let anyone be disillusioned in thinking they could beat me in sports or subdue me in any way (still do not); I never let others' opinions phase my choices based on insecurity (still do not). I walked into an atmosphere where my only protection came from me and the only protection for my friends came from me. I did not take nonsense and still will not.

Yet, as hard as I fought the juices of feminism that ran through my veins whenever permitted, I never truly conquered it, never truly wanted to. I still believed myself to be unfit for the home life, wanting nothing to do with men or children in the future; it just was not my thing, if you get my drift. I am sure that it did not help I was far from a people-person, preferring my home and seclusion more than with a group of people; give me nature, give me my writing, but please never give me a party. Despite it all, God has started a work in my heart I will never forget, a work of moving me from denying the goodness of this world as a result of the evil I have seen.

As much as I hate to reveal it, I have discovered that marriage may be a good thing, relationships may be a good thing, a future as wife/mother may be a good thing. A great deal of this proof stems from some amazing friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, who have spent over a year in proving that there is good out there in this area just as much as there is evil. For the first time ever, in my life, I can honestly say I have come across a few guys I can consider 'good.' And what a miraculous discovery that was.

In all of this, I am probably greatly straying from my points, but I am attempting to take you on a journey, on my path of reasoning. God has changed my heart, my desire to live forever single and turn down any and all potential guys on sight. Instead, He has replaced it all with a faint hope, a glimmer of something more possibly lighting my world in the future. I can say this much; I will never give up my love for adventure, for the outdoors, for the physical labor, for sports. It is not in me to give up my passions simply for a change of heart, as I do not believe I must in order to follow God's calling. I am not changing who I am; I am changing how I view a specific situation.

So, my passions to be a totally career focused woman. . . changing. My passions for the specific careers I have spelled out I will still pursue whole-heartedly, but I am willing to change those plans should God change the direction of my life. Okay. . . you want it straight? I would like to be a wife and/or a mother in the future. But, I will say it this way. . . good luck finding a guy that would like to have a wife like me. I say that not harshly or with any amount of pride, but honestly and as forthrightly as I can. I will not be planning my life around marriage. I will be pursuing my dreams and if God choses to bless me with marriage, then so be it. I will not drag my feet and state an absolute no anymore, I promise.

So, all in all, my first post back contains a few different subjects, but I think the point remains steady through it all; God is still working in my life and changing my heart one piece at a time. Not only that, He is proving that they are pieces I can accept. I fully realize I am one of the most stubborn girls some people will ever meet and yes, that translates into my relationship with the Lord at times. At least this time, it only took me two months to accept, contemplate, pray, and read about the change rather than a year. God is so good!

Up until now, it has been all about me, but I want to speak to you all directly in regards to what I have learned. Not only have I learned to recognize Satan loves to tint what is good, but I have also learned that we, as humans, sometimes avoid the good the same as evil in order to avoid any possibility of falling, of failing. Not only have I learned that God can change my heart and plans drastically within a short amount of time, but I have also learned that He can change my heart without changing my love for certain activities or hobbies of mine. I do not have to change to fulfill a plan of God's; I simply have to be willing to move when He calls and go wherever He calls. Everything else. . . will fall into its place.


  1. So glad to see this, Hannah. Your previous ideas on marriage used to be mine too. And, like you, the Lord has been showing me the beauty of marriage as well, for about two years now. And, believe it or not, I know what you mean about "them wanting a wife like me." God's fashioning us both, and He'll make us what He wants, when He wants...and He'll provide the guy who'll take us that way, too. :) God's blessings on your endeavors, sister, wherever they lead you. :)

  2. * silence * Praise God. I have been praying for a post like this from you, odd as it may seem.

    And I know guys who need a girl like you as their wife. Remember back in the pioneering days? Girls like you were invaluable back then. And I don't think their place is gone now. :)

  3. I will be honest: this is probably one of the most beautiful posts I have read of yours.

    I have decided not to engage into a relationship until I have completed all my medical schooling (both nursing and midwifery). Once that's completed, I desire to be on the mission field for at least a year. But the Lord's ways are much higher than ours and if and when He chooses to see fit that a relationship is nudged towards something more than "just friends" I am willing to embrace the new season as a gift of God.

    I know the Lord will continue to mold and fashion you into all that He has called you to be as you continue to be faithful in all that He has called you to do.

  4. I find it beautifully ironic that the Lord has been using you in my life to grant me this ( change of heart, while He is working in your life the beauty of which you have just spoken. May He grant us both the grace we need to do His will and follow in the path He has laid before us. May we not be discouraged or swayed by the vastly different ways in which He works in the lives of others. I love you, dear. You are in my prayers.

  5. Well, Hannah, you already know this... But I'm so thankful to God for your change of heart. :) It is something I started praying for, after that one conversation we had. :)

    Not exactly that I think marriage is so essential; it's more that I'm glad to see you being more open and willing to go in whatever direction God calls. :)

    Keep seeking Him!

  6. Dear Hannah

    I am so glad to read this. Love you heaps! Felicity

  7. I love you heaps, my dear. It is always such a blessing seeing God work in your heart and life. I loved this post immensely (as you already know)! I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you will make a lovely wife in the future. Now, as your best friend, I am going to go find you a man! *grins*

  8. Well, you can no longer say I don't comment. *grins* That was just a blessing to read dearest little sister. ;) It is absolutely wonderful to see how God has worked in you over the past year, in many different aspects, including this. Now, as your older brother (perhaps in-law (oh wait was that out loud? :D ) I think the responsibility falls on me to help find you a husband. * ducks and grins *

  9. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Hannah. It is a special thing when one experiences such a revelation.

  10. I wasn't sure what this post was going to be about, but the title pulled me in...and I'm very glad it did.

    Like the others who've posted before me, I'm really encouraged and glad to read this post. I actually wasn't aware (I don't believe), that you were planning on definitely not marrying previously, but I think the perspective you're taking now is a healthy one.

    It's such a blessing to see how God works in our lives as we submit to Him, and often I think it opens up rooms in others to His light in ways that maybe wouldn't happen otherwise. So thank you not only for seeking to follow His leading and let Him soften your heart, but sharing out of that here on your blog.

    Finally, so good to see so many fellow brothers and sisters from the Forum Team commenting here. (I'm praying for you, Tabitha!) The sense of fellowship is a sweet blessing to me.

  11. Wow! Thank you all so much for the comments! They mean a great deal to me, every single one!

    And Tabitha, I noticed that, haha! Ironic indeed.

    And my dearest Kristin and Samuel. . . I wish you both the very best of luck finding that guy. ;)