Monday, November 29, 2010

Between the Rocks and Waters

A good friend of mine, Katie Daniels, so graciously honored me with a poem recently. Her thoughts triggered by some of our conversations, she built a beautiful piece of lyrical writing about who I am to her, who she sees me to be. I thought the best way to communicate my appreciation for her heart and time would be to simply turn it into a guest post on my own blog. Thus, without further-to-do, here is the said piece of artwork:

A deep pool of still water
You keep your secrets
A solid rock in turbulent streams
You keep your knowledge

Questions, doubts and answers swirl in the waters of life
Tossing, turning, asking and weeping
Our hearts laid bare to the sky above
Not daring to trust, not wanting to know

There must be someone we can trust!
Someone who sees! Someone who knows!
We cry to the sky, to our God.
Help us!

Peace and serenity, hiding the troubles below.
A riptide can pull you under if you swim too deep.
Look to long and you’ll fall in and drown,
For none escape that silence

A silence that holds secrets you do not tell
Until the time is right and we will know.
A solid rock. We hold fast. We trust you.

Do not keep your secrets simply because there are no ears.
You have friends all about you, some in places you cannot see.
Your silence is your mystery; it gives us strength.
Your knowledge is your stillness; it gives us hope.

Thank you, Katie!


  1. Wow, that describes you perfectly! We love you, Hannah!

  2. I love that poem. It was excellently done, Katie (if you read this)! And Hannah, I echo Tabitha in saying that it describes you perfectly! I love you heaps, dear.

  3. My, Hannah, I do not know you VERY well, but I think that beautifully describes your spirit.